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  • The goddesses are scrambling these boots

    With the arrival of the fall, many sister threw a sports shoes sandals, began to prepare to start the boots. As autumn and winter must be a single product, boots not only wearing comfortable and warm full, at the same time with a little more with the boots to highlight the girls leg cl shoes lines in the visual pull taller than the column, can be described as autumn and winter girls with little effort The use of comfortable short with the design, so that her sister in the highlight of the legs at the same time wearing more comfortable, easy to walk for a long time, simple atmosphere of the basic models of black and camel with color design, more wild, Bright, but also one of the louboutin shoes sale highlights of the design, while at the same time highlight the petty bourgeoisie luxury taste. Rounded toe design allows her sister's feet were more compact. Very punk style shoes small boots design, people more with the characteristics. Leisure wild, stylish handsome, while intimate plus cashmere design allows you in the autumn and winter season is still able to wear her on the street, easy to keep warm.

    Do not like to bring the design with the boots of the sister can choose this increase in the design of the boots, simple red bottom shoes for women atmosphere design shape, will increase the design inside the shoes, careful machine was hidden, sucking sister sister type is more noble, while the upper leather Material with a unique design, so that these boots more unique. Flat bottom round Chelsea boots, simple and elegant design, with simple to get started, will not go wrong, in the autumn and winter season to catch jeans coat, although simple but more prominent temperament, while the camel toe color design is the highlight of the details. Leather boots are very alien, in the basic models on the basis of the shoes around the highlight of the personality of the willow, while the shoes behind the tassel design is also a bright spot, more rock-style gray retro design people put it down, wear It took to the streets of the sister, is definitely a different landscape.

    How in the simple atmosphere and has a feature is one of the hot spots in recent years, this pointed design of the Martin boots, is the case, the basic atmosphere of the basic models plus a unique carved design and rounded nude color shoes design, everywhere Show their own unique fashion. Tassel boots in recent years the most beloved sister, a rounded toe design plus short to make more comfortable to wear, while around the body of the fringed shoes designed to make shoes more fashionable, while visually elongated height ratio It is essential for a short boots. Similar to the style of the British boots, and the above boots red sole shoes are different, neutral boots design with exquisite embroidery design, even if the mix does not appear to be more abrupt but more distinctive, like her boyfriend's sister can try Oh, it is handsome The

    2017-05-25 11:14:31
  • High value of the small shoes, you deserve it.

    For the girls like shoes, the following several you are very worth having. After all, in the present society, or look at the face of the more, so choose high-value shoes for the girls are more important. High-quality materials, neat lines, special shape, superb craftsmanship, piercing the street to keep the rate of Cengceng up. Fashion you, will certainly like. Now activities are also large, very cost-effective shot, so the sister who do not have to consider friends. Tassel with Bullock shoes; from spring to winter in the small shoes, loved by the girls. Refreshing college spirit, plus black color of the wild. PU patent leather more texture, enhance personal taste. Super fashion style, wear more thin Increased by 3.5cm with, not only in line with ergonomic comfort design, minutes piercing big long legs.

    ?Art young women must, very strong Sen female atmosphere. It is the most comfortable flat design, many girls wear high heels on the foot of a great impact. louboutin shoes sale Round classic design, one word buckle, plus seven colors for the sister who choose, its practicality even stronger. High-quality imported pearl patent leather, more stylish, second change fashion influx of people. British college style, visually more by age. Senior rubber at the end, comfortable at the same time more wearable, style, however, wear this year and then wear next year. In recent years are very popular Locke shoes, sister who do not consider it. Thick leather shoes, looks very strong texture, neat alignment, high-quality leather material selection, reflecting the quality of its sense. Thicker can be increased, to enhance the temperament of the girls, minutes piercing the long legs of both the visual sense. Toe rounded, as well as the modification of the weaving belt, but also reflects the christian louboutin heels unique shoes. Fashion classic round leather shoes, high-quality PU leather, wear clothing texture and the trend, which is artificial short plush, the girls are no longer afraid of the winter cold cold friends. Soles are wearable rubber material, wearing a year and a year, but when the time. There are two colors of black and deep khaki, girls do not have to tangle the choice, you can bring yo together. Upper surface is a special material called ultra-fine fibers, which is also this material, wearing no stinky feet, my sister do not have to worry about this embarrassing situation friends. Toe special design, more like a different kind of charm. Alignment neat, can reflect a good sense of quality.

    Many people like to play cosplay, this pair of shoes can do props can also be daily with a variety of clothes, black is always wild, and the shoes inside is black and red classic plaid pattern, more retro, and in recent years trend very close. Flat toe, more flavor. And the above paragraph that paragraph style, but its bright spot in its help surface material is bright PU leather, put on the christian louboutin for men street to keep the rate will be higher. Classic style, no red sole shoes matter what with the look good. Thick on the height of the little girl, there is a great advantage, and quickly buy buy! Tassel element is the international stage of the super trend of the elements, after all, it appears in a variety of trend magazines and T stage. There are cotton models can choose, winter mother no longer worry about the girls will be cold feet, two tassels style, for girls like tassels is a great benefit it!

    ?For the small and exquisite high value of the girl, perhaps only height is her most anxious thing friends. Now this one for her is the biggest welfare money friends. Thick and increased, and instantly become the same as the goddess height, not too obvious. Bright patent leather material, but also highlights the texture.

    2017-05-24 11:34:23
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