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  • Jeans with shoes skills, let you easily become an influx of people

    Jeans is one of the items we all like very much. Basically, there are more or fewer jeans in each girl's closet. So jeans should be matched with what kind of shoes look good, and today we have a chat. We all want to dress up the United States and the United States louboutin pumps before they go out, so what to wear every day clothes, what to wear shoes is every little fairy are in trouble. Today we talk about how jeans should be with shoes. -? - jeans sneakers, sneakers wear good-looking and not tired, many people are like it. We can choose pure white sneakers, small white shoes from a few years ago became popular, but also very wild, fairies in addition to jeans can also be with many other single items, cost-effective. Followed by these two years are also popular black sneakers, the same is very wild color, is a good choice with black jeans. In the choice of sandals, we can choose to lace sandals, the height of the ankle most people can manage, coupled with a wide leg pants, both nice and stylish. If you like a simple style, you can choose a red bottom heels sandal, this is also a very popular style this year, with a very feminine jeans wear. Shallow mouth single shoes is also a very good choice, light red bottom heels blue jeans with a small black buckle shallow mouth shoes, simple look good. To the fall and winter seasons, with short boots, now is the season to wear boots, fairies can try.

    High gray and milk white, stitching two colors, do not leave the entire upper vamp, visually richer. The main louboutin sale material is high-quality microfiber fabric, suitable flexibility, gentle and wear-resistant, breathable performance is also very good gray, comfortable feet. Delicate and shiny super-fiber material as the main material, after fine on-line splicing, and then with non-slip wear-resistant rubber platform, into a pair of comfortable shoes to accompany you to walk. Stylish pointed, was thin legs, velvet leather texture, texture and comfortable, not squeezed, with plush, add sexy, highlight the fashionable attitude of a small woman. PU leather upper fabric is processed into the original retro leather texture, a clear texture and pores, feel rough feel. Rub color round head full and straight, more inclusive feet, bringing a sense of comfort feet.

    2017-11-18 10:22:40
  • 2017 true tide male sports shoes so long

    Trendy tide shoes as a good fashion good look better to wear better with a simple shirt with pants, as long as there is a pair of fashion sense of the full shoes immediately. Are you still wearing those shoes obsolete sneakers? A pair of good shoes make you confident, highlight your fashion taste. 2017 tide men are wearing what shoes? What shoes are called tide shoes in the end? Super breathability of this shoes can wear all year round, practicality is very clever. And classic handsome fly line fashion light, very comfortable on the foot. Thick soles soft non-slip and comfortable, not tired, good to wear and look good. Comfortable not to be stuck very good wear, user-friendly design gives you a better sense of wear. And this shoe uses a comfortable and lightweight sole, non-slip rubber wear good wear. Lazy people's favorite came! This pedal without a shoelace, so you save the Department of shoelaces, shoelace trouble, easy to wear, worry and easy. And this shoe's gray, low-key, fresh and dirtier. Water-resistant shoes selected to give you a better sense of wearing. Waterproof material christian louboutin heels to make shoes more functional, rain or outdoor activities do not be afraid, so you always keep dry and comfortable. Pure black design classic wild cool. Sports shoes used camouflage mesh, give you a sense of sports and leisure man. And this christian louboutin shoe soles selected use of ultra-light material, giving you almost bare feet extraordinary experience. In appearance and wearing experience can give you a surprise.

    Cool white shoes simple design without any louboutin shoes sale extra decoration, very cool and good to wear. And this selection of leather shoes, shiny full sense of feet texture. Thick soles effectively increased, significantly higher and more confident. Imported selection of high quality leather shoes, texture is very good, Feel the best first class. And full of leather toughness, folding wear and wear-resistant, cost-effective practical models. The material inside the shoe is also very conscience, breathability is very good, deodorant is not boring. Soft inside to give you a super sense of comfort breathable. The inside of the shoes used breathable christian louboutin sneakers ultra-clever material, so you exercise, when the temperature is also not afraid of hot foot odor. Let the shoes always dry and comfortable, so shoes fresh and odorless. Pure black leather shoes are very textured, full of fashion sense. This shoe is made of real material made of cowhide, full of flexibility, very good wear. And the choice of rubber sole imported from Malaysia, soft and wear-resistant practicality. Suede material of this shoe is very retro feel of literature and art, low-cut shoes full of fashion sense, to reveal the ankle with a sense of fashion is outdated. And the color is very low-key sense of luxury, let you wear exquisite taste and style.

    2017-11-16 10:30:33
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