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  • Whether a woman is elegant, fashionable, wear shoes is critical!

    Dress with a selection of clothing, women are most concerned about the problem, dressed in the United States, dressed in fashion, beauty are competing in each other, you want to break the scalp to wear beautiful, why not directly on a pair of shoes , So more direct and more fashionable and beautiful. Have to say that Europe and the United States women will be with, Variety any style can be a good control, jeans with high-heeled shoes are feminine, high heels into red more beautiful and charming, and then with a white shirt, casual shirt cut are So fashionable personality. Cowboy with Martin boots is also very trendy, green shirt to unlock two sleeves are very sexy taste, shoes with the shirt handbag the same color, the color is a good synthesis, more to bring out the beauty of temperament.

    Le Fu shoes with a very tasteful, whether it is cowboy or leather pants, are very small woman's temperament. Personality tight skirt is a sense of layering, with denim short coat is a significant proportion of body, reveals a woman's breath, put on a pair of white casual shoes are very dynamic, look ultra-stylish with. Mature woman's favorite dress is also very tasteful, tight coat is very prominent, coupled with the whole hot stamping package hip skirt was charming charming body, coupled with a pair of fashionable cold high heels, more attractive. T-shirt and shoes with the color, a good set off a black skirt, petite for the body of women, this thick underwear slightly do not take, Xiao Bian feel or fine with high-profile more appropriate!

    Women do not just wear shoes, only the shoes with the good, talent christian louboutin outlet will look more fashionable, if the shoes with bad, wear beautiful clothes will feel strange in the eyes of boys, shoes, probably divided into two categories, Sports shoes and casual shoes. So boys simply do not understand why girls can buy so many shoes, and the name is not with heavy samples. Shoes shoes shoes, flat rough with high heels, boots boots and ankle boots ... ...

    2017-03-23 13:49:51
  • High-heeled sandals fine with sexy sexy temptation can not stop

    High-heeled sandals fine with beauty, you can not have a pair of legs, but you can not do not have a pair of beautiful fine with high heels. A woman, christian louboutin sneakers once set foot on a pair of high heels, her eyes the world is not the same. Stepping on the high-heeled sandals gas field is always flat shoes never give, that share from the inside out of the self-confidence is not speechless. Has been very obedient to wear high heels can run the dry mushrooms, must be a step by step from the flat shoes to the rough with, only to the now high-heeled shoes with sandals.

    Your favorite wide leg pants with a word with high-heeled sandals, how elegant and elegant. And then put on the hottest words this year, shoulder shirt, afraid of no return rate? There are always babies feel, fine with high-heeled sandals so feminine, how can and T-shirt trousers together with it? Let you unexpected is that this mix is ??not only not a sense of violation, but also very gas field. This year's popular T-shirt casually stuffed into the waist of the fashionable wear law, looks like a casual lazy, but in reality from the visual effects point of view, so more legs long. Coupled with a pair of feminine full of high-heeled sandals, so you look like a leg from the chest below the long!

    Body black and white LOOK, free to wear, neutral and low-key. But was a pair of red high heels disrupted position, in the plain dress into a trace of eye-catching vitality. The word with high-heeled sandals is a must for all women a single product, with a pencil skirt, the workplace women's style came out. White-collar babies may wish to try. How can the summer of the colorful printing dress? Especially in the prevalence of Bohemian wind nowadays, it should be with a pair of eye-catching high-heeled shoes with sandals, attract more return rate. If you wear a more beautiful print dress, then in the choice of high-heeled sandals with the time to remember to pick the same color Oh.

    2017-03-23 13:43:12
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