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  • Magic high heels, interpretation of the princess Fan, elegant and charming

    Every woman's heart is home to a long hidden princess dream, but the beginning of the dream may be your fairy tale story book, my mother's shoe to make you feel the elegance of a woman can be put the original infinite. Height allows you to find self-confidence, blingbling solid color is an important element to achieve the princess dream, so you can not help but praise is not too fairy tale. This day is perhaps come so fast, is the most important wedding in your life, is the day of the bridesmaid or reflect the social banquet scene, you have to learn to seize the opportunity to walk in the cold contests.

    Thriving in order to give people a deep impression, in order to make every attendance did not white out, fine princess high heels absolutely did not live up to your expectations, do not let your beauty bleak down, so that high-level and style in a high heels for your interpretation The

    Beautiful shoes curve simple and not simple, smooth feel to your magic dating extra points, more grade to enhance the woman proud of the fact, to create self-confidence soft temperament, Tuhao silver ornaments enduring enduring wear through the artifact, show beautiful life, in the Warfare in the scene to give you a firm force! Nude color can highlight the Queen of the most demeanor, the introduction of the latest design christian louboutin sneakers concept out of fashion trends, so that my legs look more charming, so you jump out of more complex shackles, find their own elegance, found more beautiful life. Give yourself a good mood to find self-confidence so that they are shining in front of everyone. The gradient is full of colorful, wonderful by my step by step to give you sonorous and powerful force, full of noble and elegant style of painting to show the appearance of tall and straight temperament, elegance of the process, the process of gradual change is not too abrupt feeling that this is a delicate and Infinite sense of love so that your free and easy temperament is not bound by the more can not be ignored can not be underestimated!

    Bright gun color will not seem exaggerated but can make their own more transformation, the classic unbeaten in order to stabilize the mirror, but also faintly revealed the passion of youth, see the new ignorant out of the elegant shadow, expansive phase with a grand. With the dress as if to touch the distant mood, so that someone else fascinated by the kind of charm you heart. The candy color of the fire is a sweet symbol of the poetic atmosphere, the modern fashion in the fresh Fan! Waterproof platform to increase the edges and corners clearly embodies the hardness and softness of the whole section of the baby's finishing touch of the pen, the new show slim the key. Let you banquet on the personality grade hand grasp at the same time can also grab the eye of others, eye-catching in the end is so simple!

    Higher sexy sexy, a pair of good shoes to show you more charm, with the flying white gauze in the wind dance, so happy in the bright joy of the face to stay, into the shiny sequins side suddenly relaxed atmosphere You are worthy of love, pull the proportion of long legs to enhance visual effects, no matter where the minutes to detonate the rate.

    2017-03-29 14:20:43
  • Sports shoes + sports pants, sports have a handsome type

    Different from the narrow lasts of the canvas shoes, this type of sports shoes lasts more generous, if with a more loose pants models, accidentally easy to make the next plate is "stable", shorten the length of the leg vision. If you change to fit pants with a simple shirt, more easily create a neat and simple shoes to wear. As for the pants, it is better to say that the brothers in the sports field to show the strength and strength is the most girl worship, you want to wear in the movement can also wear male god Fan, in fact, is not easy.

    Sports pants black and white letter design gives a strong visual impact, pants look full of masculine, with low crotch haul pants can highlight the hip-hop style, with a simple black and white pattern design T-shirt on the face of a Stock movement wind. Black trousers with trousers to wear the design is very handsome, pants on the edge of the design of the black cortex lines novel and unique, coupled with a white cartoon T-shirt and simple black sneakers, Sports pants of the rules of graffiti is very personality, version of the loose can cover up the legs, coupled with the same personality full of T-shirts and shoes, the sun handsome boy's image is reflected. Harlan design black pants, the edge of the red sole shoes design of the black pattern gives a cool feeling, coupled with a white T-shirt, foot red shoes, is definitely a taste of fashion sports men.

    There are a lot of sports pants, often in the summer to leisure, sports pants with carelessly prone to short legs, obese problems.

    2017-03-29 14:10:10
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