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  • Fashion high heels, piercing the romance of this spring

    Sexy pointed design, feminine, imported high-quality suede, breathable fabrics comfortable, high-end big. Natural rubber rubber at the end, soft, comfortable feet, wear-resistant non-slip. 9.5 cm thick with the design, and then long will not tired feet of high heels, imported high-quality resin material, permanent deformation. Personality of the toe design, neat, simple yet elegant, full and rich temperament. Fashion christian louboutin shoes sale design of the comfortable upper, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture. Followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more beautiful, imported rubber soles, wear a solid, increase the degree of non-slip, not easy to fall. Exquisite fashion toe design, bright colors bright. Not tired feet, not crowded feet, the perfect modified legs, add color, quality show women charm. Featured inside, breathable excellent, comfortable feet on the natural, protect your feet. Soles with a very anti-skid rubber at the end of the buffer feet pressure, all-round care of your feet.

    This year's velvet element is really a fire to burst, regardless of clothes or shoes, have velvet debut opportunities. Uppers leather texture unexpectedly good, you can see a two-color effect. Details reflect the quality, even the sewing stitches are done as red sole shoes straight as possible. Custom hardware buckle is hanging plated, will not fade Oh. Refreshing and comfortable inside design, high-quality soft light patent leather, tall temperament was thin design, intimate after the package with the design, sexy and elegant optional five colors. Every detail for you to create noble and elegant temperament! Goddess love it! According to ergonomic design to create, delicate touch so that no matter how long you go, it will not feel tired feet. christian louboutin High quality, fine workmanship, make you more sexy, more charming, higher, more stylish, more natural. Classic charm pointed to your beautiful and delicate skinny side of the show, filling the elegant feminine. Combined with human mechanics design, wearing not tired, fashion sexy, with a cool and comfortable design. Featured high-quality patent leather, soft and comfortable, cortical full of shiny, smooth and delicate, comfortable feet, bring a good visual enjoyment. Quality inside the care of your feet, accompanied by pointed fine with the shoe type, so that the overall more fashionable. Cuff is soft, the shoes are soft, the shoes and additional cushion with the pressure pad, the baby do not have to worry about grinding feet, absolutely comfortable. Whether it is cowboy, Zhiye Zhuang, skirt, or queen, small fresh, ladies, lovely style, christian louboutin shoes sale put up a variety of beautiful, thin is so simple!

    2017-04-26 11:25:47
  • 17 spring and summer beauty trend, the release of your girl heart!

    Spring is the most important thing is a pair of beautiful shoes, because it is super good-looking Oh, and you are in the mix is ??also very worrying Oh, with dress and pants are super good-looking when Oh, so to everyone Recommend a bunch of good-looking shoes Oh ~ spring taste is getting more and more concentrated, the girls can take off the heavy winter clothes put on the bright spring beauty beautiful appearance, and closet clothes have been selected almost, then you Ignore the foot of the shoes? Wearing shoes than wearing more important clothes, unparalleled set off your temperament and amazing shoes, how can it! The design of the shoes with great retro feelings, lace, round face, rough with all its characteristics, simple and eye-catching, is the influx of louboutin sale people one of the favorite footwear. This shoe is not only stunning is not contrived, the usual travel and work appointments are able to control the, and in order to grab the crowd in the crowd, then you need to close this pair of beautiful shoes Oh ~

    This color super set off the color of the Oh, oh recommended, and the comfort is super high Oh, first of all first for the short sister to send benefits, this shoe has two different heights, if it is just beginning to wear high shoes , You can start from a little heel start, aunt color plus Mary Jane shoes set off the foot of the special white, to help you enhance a lot of temperament, highlighting the feminine. Style super tide Oh, our original development, original shipments. If you must follow the price we can not do Oh. In order to ensure quality. Not a pair of shoes must be certified before the inspection that a little problem, after a second improvement is also completed. All assured to louboutin shoes sale buy, only fine shoes business, not than what price war, the quality of doing, is against our fans! Heat naked color of the nude, is the most picking the color of friends ~ after the foot that is a uppercase bold look good, but also look long legs. Like a honey-like sweet color, to a playful dress, with such a low-key Smart with Mary Jane shoes a suede a patent leather series. With a high 4.5 cm, gradient of emerald green and emerald brown crystal clear, youthful vitality, there is a retro trend of the wind. Tide comfortable wild, skirt pants, the moment the most popular wide leg pants match. Retro art, petty bourgeoisie you can choose it. Buckle shoes is the hearts of every girl lingering an affair. Cute little girl in the taste, not high not high heel, to ensure that your wearing comfort, high-energy black with any style clothes are properly da Mei tired. Wine red color is super good-looking Oh, and it is set off the color of your legs Oh, full of christian louboutin outlet youth to show up on the simple, but also do not lose Fan children, very intellectual ladies taste Oh!

    Retro color is super beauty Oh, recommend to everyone Oh, and in the mix when the super wild Oh, cute nostalgic round design people seem to be back to the memory of the child, flat shoes is simply girls On behalf of louboutin pumps the style, comfort and real wear can make you free with clothes, like a model with lace socks so that girls feel more intense. Before the fine high with really touched the baby, and now people love the thick heels have been re-got the love, retro color of the upper, comfortable tendon feet so that even if the foot of the road will not go Tired, whether it is with minimalist style pants or romantic style dress are very taste, ankle on the thin band played the role of finishing touch.

    2017-04-25 11:36:48
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